Our Co-founder is a One Week Old Married Man

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July 14, 2017

Last Saturday our co-founder got married to his friend and lover. It was all butterflies, cakes, and roses. I have always admired Tosin—this is because he has this air of humility about him that I really respect. In a time where been a gentleman is seen as nothing—where extreme toughness is held as grandiose, I have met a number of young men who have shown a great level of gentlemanliness and Tosin is one of them.

I met Tosin while we worked together within the same building between 2015 and 2016 and over this course of time, we have been able to learn a whole lot from each other—humility, hard work and more importantly, respect. Working in the same industry, with different organisations within the same building availed us the chance to have meaningful brainstorming sessions around digital marketing and how our skills can benefit our organisations and in the long run, the digital marketing sphere.

Seeing Tosin get married to his heartthrob brings a lot of joy to us at Mileage Digital. Because we believe been a father and a good husband is not just about the things we can see, but the things we can’t—things like commitment, understanding, and tolerance.

We are happy that Tosin has all these qualities. We didn’t get to know a lot about Wunmi, but with the little we know we are happy that Tosin chose the right person to walk down the aisle with.

Do tell us how it had been this one week. You know  the guys at the office need all the advice we can get, so we can be prepared. Fred Mbonu, do I speak for you too. Aren’t you old sef–oya goan settle down @fred

We can’t wait to come over to have dinner with you guys soon. Lol!

You can pre-order their book Beautifully Timed by going to www.beautifullytimed.com

We love you guys!


Written by Caleb Adoh


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  1. Wale. Luke says:

    Congrats man

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