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A Brief History About Us.

Mileage Digital is a digital marketing agency catering to the needs of small businesses across Nigeria. We saw the need to give the little guys a chance to be in the same space with the big brands. We are of the opinion: funds or a budget should not be the limitation. Someone once said, nothing can hold you back except your thoughtsl.

Mileage Digital was set up out of passion by three young Nigerians. Our aim was borne out of a need to help small businesses achieve their goals.We have seen many businesses fold up for lack of quality value proposition plus their inability to market their businesses to the right clientele. Our founders: Tosin Ojuri, Fred Aaron and Caleb Adoh

  • Bolaji A.
    Mileage Digital helped me to achieve a number of my digital goals. Really excited to have come across them
    Bolaji A.
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